June 2014 Game Jam Comp


Time to kick off the June 2014 Bitgem Game Jam, free assets this month are Micro Druid Lara and Micro Orc Gronk and a soccer ball, they’ll only be free for the next 5 days so download them ASAP.

If you haven’t guessed already this months theme is soccer, World Cup Final is on the 14th of July so your entries are due in before the final whistle blows!

Competition details/rules

  • 1 Entry per developer/team
  • Must incorporate all all 3 Bitgem models above
  • You may use other assets you own/license (including non Bitgem
  • Entry must be playable in browser
  • Entries close 14th July 2014


  • Best Game Overall $200 Bitgem Store Credit
  • Best Special Effects/Audio $50 cash (via Paypal)
  • Best WIP diary $50 cash (via Paypal)

Once your entry is finished please complete the following entry form and don’t forget to share your WIP in this thread and on twitter @bitgem3d, happy coding!


I hope there is enough time between watching world cup soccer games for people to actually code a game… :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing all the great entries! Good luck everyone!!


You know, I really really hate you right now! lol

I am supposed to work all weekend and now I can’t stop thinking of ideas for the jam. >.>


Ok so I’m gonna try and allocate more time than just 2 days and I already begun working on some soccer AI which is quite a challenge. I will get some screen shots up as soon as I have some visuals ready but at this stage I am just thinking about what is possible in the next few weeks.


Sorry about that! :slight_smile: Hope it’s not getting you in trouble. If it’s any consolation, I think you are the first person to post in our new forums!


Can’t wait to see the first WIPs!


I’ve my first WIP ready. New User cannot upload pictures though. So whenever that can be fixed, I’ll post a picture. Thanks.


Prototype of my entry. Physics, scoring, player controls, (using gamepad or keyboard), are all working. I have never hooked four gamepads up to Unity before this, getting them all working was an interesting learning path for me.

The primary concept is to create a (4) player Pong inspired game.


Done some of the pretty stuff going to build the game code and physics now but you get the picture of what I am going for. Speed Ball vs Kick Off!


Wow 4 game pads! I’m looking forward to seeing that.


Cool idea! … I really need a new monitor.


Oh this looks promising as well!


If you watch on YouTube, going fullscreen makes it a bit easier to see.

WIP02 for my entry. Adding some FX, models, lights.


Wow, those look really nice!!
I haven’t had time for a decent idea.
Started a pinball untill I found out that 90% of pinball experience would be audio and I can’t do that much audio while working >.>

Hope I get a fast idea to do so I can at least participate. :smiley:


Wow! I think my mistake was to go for a classic football type game! The AI design is a real challenge and in order to produce even the most basic of soccer logic is going to take me some doing. I have decided to knock up the player controls first for the player nearest the ball and then on passing the ball to the next nearest player, user control is then passed to that player. Defending team is currently static and at a most basic level the AI will elect the nearest player to the ball moving it to intercept and tackle. This is a great lesson in managing my own expectations as to what can be done in a small window of development opportunity. Lets see what is possible by 14th. Certainly no FIFA 2014 and even Speedball and Kick Off will be unlikely at my current rate of progress, haha. :grin:


Here is my blog containing my log so far (only three entries). The first just covers basic movement and a quick ground/ground texture. The second is lighting/fog and using more of Bitgem’s great assets while the third is a quick preview on enemies and the enemy spawner which still needs a little work.

I only saw this comp on Friday so trying to get finished in time. After attending the Games Britannia festival and the Unity3D workshop there I’m all hyped to get this finished :]




Looking good Carl, I’m sure you’ll have enough time to get something playable before the 14th. Make sure you post a few pics on the forums next time you have an update.


Ok as usual finding time is a sod! Decided to cut back on the whole team AI, just don’t have the time and knowledge to do it justice. Anyway I have cut back on the features and gone with a crazy one vs one game idea. Physics sorted, 2 player mode sorted with a strange control mechanic which will make either really crazy fun or just damn annoying! Which will it be? Gonna tidy it all up and add effects, audio and some cool power ups to make it a bit more fun and unpredictable. Was going to add a Suarez attack mode where you have to bite the other players haha.



WIP04 - playable version is up for those who wish to try it out.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome and appreciated.