June 2014 Game Jam Comp


HAahah XD. Screenshot is looking great!


Nice one ebkac!

It did seem that the easiest way to get points is to capture the ball between your paddle and your own wall section :slight_smile:
Don’t know if that’s part of the options to score that you had in mind or not?


It started off not intentional but during testing with four people, that became the absolute go-to strategy and much yelling was involved when someone would hog a ball like that so I figured, yep, gotta keep that in there.

Who knows what other testers may find to smoke the others. :slight_smile:


Well I’ve enjoyed it :smiley:
Missed this Jam by looking in the wrong place for the announcement, but will tune in and join in for the next one for sure :wink:


Jaja, I was looking for the jam announcement in the wrong place, I hope I can do something on these days :smile:



Another WIP.

There are two more features on my to-do list before I think of it as finished. I have a lot of things going on here in RL now though so posting this just in case I don’t get to them and this ends up being my final entry.



Ah I’m starting to get the hang of this. Great concept! :slight_smile:


My wife and I saw this place, (picture is not mine) a few years ago and your screenshot reminded me of this. The tour guide, (was fantastic), gave us the run down of how the current scholars felt it was played and is closer to a rugby/soccer hybrid. Looks cool, can’t wait to try the web player version of it when it is ready.


Haha that is exactly the game I was thinking about! My knowledge of this Mayan game is limited to my son’s cartoon film called Eldorado which has a game of Mayan soccer/ruby! The loop on the wall is the goal!!! I felt I needed to lower the difficulty level but I might put one in for historic completeness.
Thanks ebkac.


I have had a bad week too! Gonna post what I have done thus far as I might not get a chance over the next few days/weeks. With all those Bitgem assets my game will look better than play but it’s all a great learning curve for me and I will appreciate any and all feed back.


When working on Pong clones and needing to test the functionality of the ball, always a great idea to set up an unbeatable opponent… AKA, a wall :stuck_out_tongue:

It won’t let me post a picture because I’m a new user. Soon!


Hi, a little WIP, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/106807663/Soccer_Bitgem/Soccer_Bitgem.html . When I was kid I used to play a game that if one team completed 21 consecitive passes you can kick in the butt to the other team, so im working in something like that jeje


Seeing if I can post it now:


My WIP - doing sounds mostly today, then bug fixes.

Is there a cutoff time? Wondering about time zone differences


Due to time difference we give a little bit of a grace period, once we’ve collected all the entries we’ll share a list with the community to vote on the winner this time as well.


CPU is pretty hard. :smile: Cool concept, kind of like some old Atari games with the blocks being chipped away at. Two things, the download feels pretty big, at least on my connection it took a long time to download and play. Also the ball got stuck at the top on me when I went to go serve a few minutes into playing.

Looks and plays good outside of that though.



Changes the ball trails around a little as someone pointed out to me that they looked a little too much like something else.
I added one of the features that was on my list, knight changing the balls to negative value. It might be a bit too hard now, so any feedback on that is appreciated.


Thanks for the feedback! I’m going to do a final pass on audio tomorrow, but the bulk of file size is from sound files, I think. I’ll see about trimming that down tomorrow as well.
Really glad you like it! I couldn’t get away from a pong-style game with the time limitation I was running, so I did what I could to tweak it :stuck_out_tongue:


Wrong thread on that last reply, I guess, but I also checked out your WIP. I really like how smooth everything feels and the effects going on are pretty sweet ( that lightning is rad ), but I have a hard time telling what’s going on. There’s a lot of balls floating around, but I don’t know which ones are mine or who I am, and I don’t know which keys/mouse I should be pressing to do what. I may just be unfamiliar with the game type. So my biggest piece of advice is I’d suggest giving something to indicate to the player who they are or what they need to do. It seems pretty solid from what I saw though!


“Sorry, new users can not upload images.” :frowning: … I am a new User. aaaggghhhh my WIP… :frowning: I am making a build every 2 hours https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1446949/GameJam/monsterball/index.html


Ok I really did run out of time in the end. However, I have been able to put more time into this game than others and I am pleased with my efforts. Lots of features missing I am afraid but I think there is enough to call this a game of sorts.

Really sorry but this is only a 2 player game! I really struggled to produce an AI that would make it fun so gave up on this half way through. Please note that the controls are really tricky but I believe this adds to the fun and confusion especially when you score own goals! Again, I had plans for power ups and a game ending mode which is only half implemented, just get to 100+ power points and see for yourself! Please feel free to give me feedback good or bad as I need to refine my craft.

Thanks again BitGem for the assets and the motivation your game jams give me to develop games. Please feel free to have a look by following the link below.