June 2014 Game Jam Comp



I need to submit via the form still but this URL contains my final version for consideration.

Thanks to everyone who commented and especially to Bitgem for sponsoring.



Just submitted my final version to the site and my submission entry form.


The new sounds do wonders for playability ( as do the many bugfixes from bugs that prevents playability lol )

Thanks all!


I totally forgot to document my progress here! Oh well.

I submitted my entry a few hours ago, though there are a few outstanding issues. I had a hard time getting the characters to animate properly. I guess animation scripting is still a rough spot for me, as I am having issues getting the hang of it. I am open to any easy to follow tutorials if anyone else knows of any!


Good luck everyone!


Just in time!
this is my first job/jam alone
pls play and comment :smiley:


some works to make this bitgame :smiley:

Good luck all!


Allan, what graphics apps are shown in your screen shots?



Dan, both are open source
for sketchs and paint used krita:
for hud GUI vector inkscape:

Allan Samurai


Hi All,

We’re going to give 12 more hours to get all your entries in, so if you haven’t already make sure you complete the following entry form , we’ll follow up soon after with a list of all the entries so the community can vote on the overall winner and the Bitgem crew will select the winners for the other 2 prizes.


Hi King what are those assets you used in the background? rocks, tress, ground and statue?


Wish I had time to make my game, still played the ones in this thread and I can say:
Great job guys :smiley:

Will be waiting for results!


hi all!
recorded a video of a match:

pls comment


I found a free tree on the unity asset store and used that. The terrain is just a terrain object with the textures from the standard assets package that comes with unity. Didn’t have any other assets, just created materials and used the textures provided in the standard assets.


Found a bug in my game with the character speed and starting ball distance. Apparently it only happens if you play the game in fullscreen. Windowed works just fine and doesn’t have these issues. I have no idea where to start to address that bug lol.


It’s voting time everyone, follow the link and play the games then vote!


We’ll be sharing the voting with more people soon, just making sure the voting process works before promoting it to a wider audience.


Great submissions everyone! I had a blast playing each and every one of your entries! Thank you for taking the time to participate. I’m glad we implemented a voting system as it would be really hard for us to pick a winner this time. GOOD LUCK! :smiley:


Hehe Is this where we all vote for our own entries? Maybe I should have slipped you all 5 bucks! Corruption and bribery seems to work in most democratic (capitalistic) societies, why not here. lol . Hey, the game should have been about FIFA corruption and old Blatter could have been the orc!


Hmm looks like a few of you are “testing” the voting process, just so you know we only count unique votes :wink:


Only Uniques?

I voted for the 2 I liked


How long is the voting going to be open for?

This is my first game jam and the suspense kills me lol


hi there,
tests done? :open_mouth: