June 2014 Game Jam Comp


We’ll lock off voting this week and let you know before the weekend out out.


The votes are in and it looks like we have a winner!

Here is the official tally for the best game overall. Congratulations go to camuzman for his Monster Ball game. It’s a beautiful, polished little game that is easily accessible right from the beginning and fun to play! Very well done!

Now I really think that all games that were submitted are well done and deserve a lot more recognition then they received in the voting. They are all fun to play if one takes a little time to get to know them and there are some very interesting and unique ideas in there!

The decision is still out on best WIP and best sound & effects as it is difficult to judge these disciplines. Some new users were not able to post images on the forum and it’s difficult to tell who made their own sound effects and music. Please bear with us a little longer while we look for a solution that is fair to everyone.

In the meantime thank you for your awesome submissions! You rock! :smiley:


Hi Matt, Jason,

I want to be upfront and save you some time. None of the sounds and music are my own creation but they are assets that were either bought or had a free and open license to use them in a non commercial manner.

Thanks again for another great Game Jam.



Congrats camuzman!

@matt Is there a page where we can visit all game entries? the official tally doesn’t seem to link forward to the actual games.

@camuzman Could it be there slipt a small bug into the final published version in the link provided in the post above by Matt? When I try and play it the Orc isn’t on the field… So there’s just an empty space between the pillar and the tree.

Looking forward to the next Game Jam Comp! This time I’ve bookmarked all the correct places so I won’t miss out :smiley:


Congratulations camuzman.

Personally, I didn’t expect to win this contest, but coming in tied for second isn’t bad. :smile:

For the record, the vocal sounds in my game are original, made just for it. The music is the second of the two original songs made for my entry in the Space Invaders jam. I reused it since I thought they deserved more attention than they received last time.

The ball being thrown sound is also original. However, the sound of the soccer ball hitting the spike ball obstacle is from a free pack on the Unity store. The explosion sound of the spike ball is from an audio pack I purchased a license to years ago by Mojo Audio.

If you need any more info, please let me know.


Congratulations everyone, there are many good games in this Game Jam. I’m very happy now, I want to buy more models and textures in the Bitgem store. Bye. yeahhhh


After lengthy discussion we have decided to change the reward system for best WIP and best sound + effects (sorry Renokun! They do deserve an extra mention! ) a little bit. We will award 50$ cash (via Paypal) to the 2nd best overall game entry and since you are all tied for 2nd place in our book we will award 50$ to everyone who submitted an entry this round!! I think that is a solution we can all be happy with. The rewards for first and second place(s) will be send out to all participants before the week is out.

Thanks again for all the great submissions! Hope to see your entries again in the next jam! :smiley:


Omg! That is just so generous! I can’t believe it! I am personally going to buy some more bitgem asset to add to my collection.

Thanks BitGem.


Very generous. Thank you BitGem team.
Grats to everyone. Was a fun competition.


Wow, thank you! That is very generous to give everyone the second place prize. :smiley:


BitGem coins for all! :smiley: