Latest Demon Animation Update Bone Name Conflict



Huge thanks for completing the animations for Demon Fatty and Grunt.
However I’m experiencing problems when importing the animations.

This is due to the conflict of different bone naming system.

For example, the Demon Grunt Mesh FBX “demon_grunt.fbx” has following bones:

But the animation files, such as “grutn_walk.fbx” have different bone names:

Because of different names used for mesh + animations I can’t use them in my own game engine.

All other assets from your shop work great, except the recently added Fatty+Grunt have this problem. I’ve worked around the Fatty, because it had MB maya file included with mesh+all animations. So I’ve just reexported that to FBX. But I’m stuck with the Grunt.



Ok we’ll look into synchronizing the names again with the old version. Will keep you posted.


Hi Esenthel! I have updated the grunt with the maya file as well and reset the download attempts. Hope that helps.

As a note: The new animations are complete remakes and were done by a new animator. The naming conventions are consistent among all the files of the new set but it was a complete overhaul, bone counts/positions/axis orientations have been tweaked for the purposes of better animation such that I don’t know if you would be able to interpolate between the old animations and the new ones even if you were to rename the new bones to the same naming conventions as the old ones, since the hierarchy and skinning would be totally different. So I don’t think the new and the old sets are compatible unfortunately. They have to be used independently.


Hey Matt,

I’m having some trouble using the new Demon Grunt in Unity. It doesn’t have a T pose when placed in the scene and the height axis (y in Unity) is messed up in several ways. I have to place the collider a unit high. When the grunt dies, it falls thru the floor. And when I attach a particle to the grunt from getting hit the particles fly up in the air.

The old one works fine but I like the new animations a lot more (:heart::heart::heart:!) Is there some flag or tweak to the new Demon Grunt that can be done to get it to work correctly in Unity? I’ve not had a problem with any of the other models.

Thanks. Please let me know in the next two days or I’ll have to just go with the old one.



Check out the Skeleton Archer!


That looks so cool! :smiley: I have looked around in Maya to see if I can reconstruct a bind pose for you but this model in particular was animated in Max and that makes things really tricky… Jason is looking into it in Unity to see if he can find a fix.


Any luck with that? I need to shop the game come next Monday.


Thanks Matt and Jason for taking a look at that for me and sending over a new file to try.

Turns out the enemy was freaking out because I had an extra RigidBody attached to him! I feel so foolish. :blush: I’m so sorry!

I spent a good 20 hours fighting with it before finally seeing the obvious.

in Legend of Luca, demon catches you!


Awesome! Glad to know you got it working. Can’t wait to try the finished thing! :slight_smile:


Posted a bunch of new screenshots here:


Looks nice. Did you switch the materials over to the new Unity Standard Shader?


I did. Just dropped smoothness down to zero to give them a matte look.

What do you think? Is that a good way to handle them or not?


I think what you got there is quite good… it really makes me want to revisit this dungeon and put a roof on it. :slight_smile:


Thanks Matt! I don’t think I’d want a roof on it. When I had one originally it felt a little claustrophobic.

Here’s the launch trailer! It goes on sale tonight!