Low Poly Cube World


Hi there!

I recently downloaded the “Low Poly Cube World Level Building Set”, and I am having some issues using it with Blender and Unreal Engine.

Mainly, when I import any of the .fbx files, neither Unreal Engine nor Blender pick up the textures. I think it happens because the files seem to have been exported with an absolute path in the artist’s pc for the textures.

For example, in blender, I can get the textures to show if I set the texture to source to the “/textures/cube_world_atlas*.tga”. So, maybe I am doing something wrong, but it looks like this product could be fixed by exporting it again pointing to the texture local in the bundle.


I attahc an image for illustration purposes. One of the imported cubes is messed up because of the texture path, and the other is fixed by setting the source.