March 2016 Game Jam


Hi All,

We’re going to kick off a new Game Jam next week but need some help picking what files to give away for the Jam

  • Volleyball Court
  • Cemetery Set
  • Desert Set
  • Modular Rail Set

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*if you’ve already voted in the other thread we’ll carry that vote over :slightly_smiling:


I voted rail set. I’m thinking SNES Donkey Kong Country game or strategy type game like in Bioshock when hacking a water pipe.


Ok! Let’s do a game!
Where’s the game jam? :grinning:


Any news on this? I’d hate to miss the start signal.


Hey everyone! Just a quick announcement to let you all know that we will be announcing and kicking off the Jam this Sunday! So make sure you get your final votes in if you have not already before we close the poll :).


Let’s go volleyball court! :grin:


Game Jam #8 is live, more info over here Bitgem Game Jam #8