Matt's Work In Progress Blog


Potted a few more plants today and started reworking the first building element.

Also did a little bit of sculpting practice in zbrush, defining and refining some of the Aleysha toon base facial features. I really wish I had more time to practice sculpting!


Spent today on reworking the building system for the SC city set today to make it more modular. … it’s early days but we’re getting somewhere.


Another little piece of progress on the SC city building system. I’m making elements that can be stacked indefinately.


It’s Easter holidays which makes it hard to get work done but I still managed a little progress on a system for rooftop decoration for the SC city set. There is still early WIP and there is a lot I still want to do but the day is over so here goes my post.


Rebuilt the rooftop seating system again today. We have blue, red and wood seats now. There are also planter boxes in concrete and wood and yeah … small hedges. I think the finish line is actually in sight now! Just a few more modular building types and some texture tweaking and we’re good for version 1.


Here is a little sneak peek at the currently in progress SC food set…

and some SC city set roof windows.

Happy to announce that we’ll be teaming up with Andrew to work on Irrational Karate. Head over to the dev blog to find out where we’re at.


There is now a garage element for the SC city set… looking at them now they are not quite done yet though. The ramps leading down need some sort of border. Maybe I’ll make a garage without a window on level ground so that big cars fit in there even without a ramp.

I also added two amazing new models by SlavaZ to the site.

And one new set by Synty Studios


Made a crazy little character today for testing how far we can take cloth dynamics in unity. There will probably be some interesting gif animations to see soon. :slight_smile:

There was a little more progress on the SC food set…


Added a few new building elements to the SC city set today.


This is one of those rough work in progress screenshots I warned you about. Currently building a lower entry version module for the SC city set. It’s not done yet obviously…

Updated to ZBrush 2018 today! Can’t wait to start playing with it. Going use it for my next hand-painted models.


I made some more progress on city building elements today.

Also had a chance to play with the new ZBrush a little. I don’t know how this always happens… I just wanted to make a simple toon base version of Aleysha. Now I have another anatomy study on my hands! The anatomy of the back seems to changes with every pose… and every back is different! In the end, I will need to smooth it all out anyway because I am making a toon. Simple but meaningful lines!


The SC city set has grown again by a few (work in progress) modules today.

I also started work on some animations for the karate set characters after watching this awesome GDC talk on animations. I rigged the character with an HIK skeleton to get basic poses happening. Here is a light punch. In the next step, I will bake the animation and then accentuate the motion by stretching and scaling bones to get that snap effect happening. I’m curious how it will turn out.


Here is a really rough WIP shot… did not have time to tidy up today. Realised today that the buildings really need a backside as well. That might still be a bit of work as I will have to design little backyards. Should be fun though!

A little more progress on the Aleysha toon base…

Also the servo horn of my sons little RC Basher Rocksta broke… there seems to be no replacement part for it from Hobby King so I will attempt to model the part and print it in Shapeways new strong HP material. Hopefully, that material prints detailed and strong enough as the part is tiny!


Got the first two backyards done. They were the hardest because of the stairs… while working on them I’m also going to optimize poly-count as much as possible. Here is a view of the front and back.

Also got the RC spare part for my little guy’s basher done today and uploaded it to Shapeways. Ordered a test print so we’ll find out in two weeks or so if it works. Made the part a little thicker than the original so hopefully it will be a little tougher. Also left out the last hole as it doesn’t seem to be needed. Fingers crossed!


Today saw more progress on the SC city set. I built more backyards and building tops and reduced the poly count more on existing elements.


Added more backyards and roofs to the SC city set. Also reduced more polygons.

Also prepared Aleysha’s clothes for sculpting.


Made a little more progress on cleaning up and naming the SC city set. Started on a new building type as well. Will still make a couple of pre-decorated roofs as well.

There has also been some progress on the SC food set

The basher rocksta servo horn I built arrived today. The size fits well but the holes are too big. The screws don’t hold in them so I will have to reduce the hole sizes some more and order another print… annoying…


I put some work into the first stage of another building type for the SC city set today and got the ground level pretty much done. Second stage will follow tomorrow.

I altered and reordered the servo arm for the Basher Rocksta today. The shipping and tax are hilariously expensive for a small part like that so it’s hardly worth it to order just the one bit… so I made another little piece to replace a missing foot for our Ikea coaster LAMPLIG pot coaster /insulator thing to share shipping costs between two parts. Fingers crossed all is correct now.

I also started on some facial expressions for the karate characters today.


Today was really mostly administrative work. Did not get around to actually getting any modelling done… except for a little progress on the karate characters.


Completed a new building type for the SC city set today. Nearing the end now I think. There is a possibility that I’ll be done this week!

Also finished the facial expressions for the second IK character.

… and did a little bit of sculpting practice as well… didn’t know I don’t know how to sculpt folds! XD