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Well… we reactivated the forums! :wink: So I wrote a bunch of things. Including this.

Made a little progress on the SC City Set today. Specifically… started a couple of cardboard box base shapes. They are going to be for decorating backstreets. Will have to make a few different formats and sizes… perhaps some broken and bent ones… some flat ones too? :thinking: It’s easy to go overboard with these things.

Updated the Generic Skeleton - Smashy Craft Series today and added a unity package. The update was way overdue.

One of the major things holding us back in the past has been character animations. The Maya HumanIK skeleton and rig has tempted me into trying to key animations with it before and it has been a frustrating experience because it seemed to not be possible with animation keyframes getting lost all over the place. Since I updated to MayaLT 2018 the other day I decided to have another look at it… especially since other people seem to be able to use HIK to key animations!! At first glance it seems to work alright! :slight_smile: will attempt a simple walk cycle to test further. Maybe I can finally switch back to it.


Threw together a bunch of category icons today for the different forum categories… they need a lot of polishing but will do for now.

Ira finished her first draft of the SC valentines set! So now it’s time to go through and clean it all up, export it and get it ready for the site. I hope I can finish tomorrow.

Put together a bunch of screenshots for a tiny, tiny, free game that I worked on with a buddy of mine called Balls vs Zombies! :smile: It was built using Construct 2 and we will release it this Saturday on the app store. You can check out the first draft on the Scirra Arcade.


Well… I didn’t get quite as much work done today as I had wanted to because this kind of got in the way!

Still managed to get most of the way through fixing up the valentines set though. Will definately get through it tomorrow. Processed models are on the right, unprocessed ones on the left.


Worked on a stage for a little game project. It’s a desert court for a ball game.

Also managed to get through the valentines set today with finalizing the models. It was still more work than expected. Especially the roses and wings. I tried several approaches to see if I could improve them. Also animated the bow. Tomorrow I will tweak the colors on the texture, prepare the presentation material and do the sketchfab showcase, build the unity package and zip the whole thing for upload. 24 hour days are way too short!


Aaaaand DONE!

There is one more seasonal pack in the works by Ira that I will look at next… Yeah, you guessed it. Easter! This one might actually be done in time for once! Here is an early WIP screenshot.


Monday is commonly the day where I work my way through everything that’s piled up over the weekend so not too much time for creative work. But at least I got a little progress done on the easter set. New topology for eggs, a ribbon and some carrots of course!

Oh and we have a new game jam going since Sunday night! It’s number 9. We had some great entries in the past and I wish we still had working links to all of them… would love to put together a hall of fame at some point.


@matt, Love the topology of the eggs. I don’t understand why are you modeling the cylindrical shapes on the surface of the eggs. Could you explain why you’re doing this? Also, what would be the best way to contact you or Jason about selling models through BitGem? I tried writing the administration group here on Discord but it said I couldn’t. I’ve been a huge fan of ya’lls work for years but just joined the community. Cheers!


@Ben_Black Hey Ben! Thanks :slight_smile: well, the topology is not really the most efficient it could be. If you just want to make an egg shape there are places to save some polygons still… but I’m trying to keep the slightly squared look of the Smashy Craft Series going by having bevels on 4 sides. If you look at the eggs in 3d you’ll see they maintain a slightly squarish form. Same with the carrots.

You’re probably wondering why on earth I don’t just draw a circle on the texture for the eggs. That’s basically a matter of principle. For the Smashy Craft Series, I have decided to stick to color ramps for textures only and not draw any details to make it easier for people to customize the textures. Here is an example of what an SC texture looks like:

The idea behind this is to keep this style as modular as possible so that every SC set can be used in combination and even share textures between them. (sometimes it won’t really work because of vastly different color schemes though)

Modeling cylindrical shapes on top of the eggs is the most efficient way for making dotted eggs polygon wise when you can’t draw circles onto the texture.

I’d love to see your work! Please just drop me a line on


@matt Thanks for the in depth explanation. I didn’t realize you were using just ramps for your textures nor that these models were part of a larger series. I realize the egg topology isn’t exactly optimized but it is really handled nicely when considering you’re trying to create that squarish shape and I totally agree about modeling the cylindrical shapes on the surface of the model is the most efficient method. Thanks for the email. I will be in contact. Cheers!


Added a few more items to the set today. It’s still missing a bunny or two…


Published Balls Vs Zombies on Kongregate today! :tv: :video_game: :smiley: Check it out if you dare… and I hope you have a ball… vs zombies… get it? Ok never mind…

But if you feel kind I’d be happy about a positive rating. It was just a fun little project and there’s lots that still could be done to enhance the game but overall it’s playable.

Added BUNNY MAN to the easter set today.

I think the set needs a bunny girl too though. Will look at that tomorrow.


BUNNY GIRL is done too! Tomorrow I will put the set together. The only question now is… should I include the hot pants version… or leave it be?


When you say “put the set together” does that mean it will be available for purchase tomorrow?
Just wondering :grinning:


@sketche99 Yes, that’s the plan. I just have to clean out all the construction files, name everything nicely, export all models as .fbx, import those to unity, make prefabs and export a unity package from there to include, put together a little diorama to upload as a Sketchfab preview and use that to make presentation material for the UAS and the BitGem website, write a description etc. and upload! I should be able to finish it tomorrow… I tend to rush these steps when really they are almost as important for the success of a model as the modelling itself. At least the presentation, description and tags…


Published the SC easter set today!

Please also welcome a new 3rd party author to the website. IronicGame! Love the RPG character maker. But really, check out the other sets he’s got as well. They’re amazing! There will be more to follow.


Monday chores are done and a few more boxes and trees for the SC city set… and an electricity box and cigarette vending machine by Dennis G.

Also been working on the start of something else… guess it’s kinda hard to tell what it is from this picture.


The UAS requires vendors to update their old models… so that’s what I’ve been doing today. Started with the treasure chests and decided they need a makeover. Painted metal, roughness, and glow textures for them. Hope they will undeprecate them soon. Will update the set on the store once all four chests are done.


Updated two more chests today.

Also made a couple of new buttons for the next BvZ update.

Let’s see where this goes…


There are a few more models that I need to update on the UAS before the month is out. Today I painted a metal, roughness and glow map for the good old modular sword set and updated that.

Also made a few new buttons for BvZ for the next update. Here is one of em so as not to give away too much.


Updated the cemetery set today with metal, roughness and glow textures.