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Updated the cemetery set today with metal, roughness and glow textures.


I know it’s not very spectacular but… it’s the only work I did today that I could make a screenshot of. Refreshed the dungeon plinth for the UAS and added it to the site for free.

Oh yeah and in case you missed it I also refreshed the stone tomb and made it free for the site.


Today went mostly into cleaning up and rebuilding dungeon set 01. It’s not bigger… but it’s better now! There are roughness, metal and glow maps. I included the unity package on the BitGem site as well. The UAS upload is still in progress as we speak and I’m not sure it will succeed this time as it’s failed twice before.


Realised today that I was not in fact finished with updating the cemetery set. Today went into fixing many issues with the old cemetery set. It’s updated now on the UAS and the BitGem store with metal, roughness and glow maps and low poly mobile versions for each model.

…and here is the beginnings of some boots.


Made the low poly hand painted dungeon pillar free today and added a unity package for those who want to give it a spin.

And there is a new little loot set on the way…


Started refreshing the dungeon entourage set today. Will probably need Monday for this as well… forgot how much was in there.


Phew… got it done today.


Added a free candelabra model to the store today for those who want to check it out. Apart from that, there was nothing today that I could make a screenshot of.


Added a free Dungeon Arch to the store today. (reworked it, not just changed the price of course)

Also started on reworking the Mayan Temple Set today.


Phew… managed to get through the Mayan Temple Set today. I really want to make more of these dungeon sets! Making something new will make for much more interesting WIP posts… Well, once I’m through with this updating business.


Today I painted a metal, roughness and glow map for the dojo interior building kit and updated it on the UAS and the store.

There has also been some progress on the SC loot set :).

I’m also working on a dungeon construction template to increase compatibility and avoid proportion issues in the future. I know it doesn’t look like much on this screenshot… but I think it’s going to be really helpful when it’s done!

And this finally arrived…

YEP! It’s that strange abstract shape I posted earlier. I got it printed in solid steel at Shapeways and it’s a non-mechanical bracelet shackle. Just one solid piece. I think the size and shape of it turned out well. I’m not too bothered by the stepping patterns. I actually think they’re quite interesting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for the paracord string size I had in mind… I would have to alter the spirals on both ends which is a bit tricky because they are already close to the minimum unsupported wire size allowed so if I want this to work with a thicker rope I’ll need to change proportions of the whole thing a little… damn… should have printed a plastic version for prototyping first like I usually do… oh well. Some lessons you have to learn twice. The question though is … should I see it through? Is it worth spending more time on?


I’m still in the process of tweaking and finishing the SC city street set. I want to move on to making some hand painted models again but this set needs to be finished first. Finalized a bunch of items for decorating the city streets. There are a couple more to go and a bunch of building-building blocks.


Finalizing a few more assets for the SC city set today.

Also concluded the BitGem game jam number nine today! If you have not already, go check out the final entries on


Mostly plagued by a headache today. Was not able to work much, however, got a bit progress in on finalizing the SC loot set.


Recovered somewhat today. The SC loot set is nearly done. All that’s left to do is to draw the metal, roughness, and glass maps, put together the unity package, package it all up, make the presentation and upload!

Sketchfab has a cool new caustics feature that I never noticed before… so I just assume it’s new! :slight_smile: It’s a little hidden under the shader opacity settings.


And it’s DONE! Gotta finish the SC city set too as it’s so far along already, then move on to hand painted again.

Spent quite a lot of time today trying to figure out why the models I uploaded to Sketchfab had seemingly random soft and hard shaded edges. Turns out the reason were “null normals” which I have no idea how to check for in Maya. The models worked well in every other application I had tried. In the end, I downloaded blender and was able to fix the mesh using the “degenerate dissolve” command… a bit of a workaround. Mental note for blender:

Mode: Edit Mode|
Menu: Mesh ‣ Clean up ‣ Degenerate Dissolve|

I’m sure there is an easier way. If anyone who knows how to fix null normals inside of MayaLT reads this please let me know!


Hot dawgs anyone?

I don’t really have much visually interesting to post as it’s been mostly administrative work today, catching up with what’s been happening over the weekend. I did, however, get these done :).


Made a little more progress on the city set today.

Also updated the SC volleyball court on the UAS so it’s finally up to date.

And managed to get a bit of progress in on the Aleysha toon base for 3d printing.


Today has seen more progress on the SC city set. What you see here is a drain pipe system, an air vent system, air conditioning units, a park table, a city bench and a park bbq grill… oh and a satellite dish.


Worked on some flowers for the SC city set today. Not quite done yet.

Oh yeah, and someone ordered a hot dog with both ketchup AND mustard…