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I started on another building variant today for the SC city set. Finished the first 2 levels.

Started constructing a muscular character for Irrational Karate. Didn’t get far yet. Will probably restart using a different modelling method.


Today I added another level to the last building type. Now there’s a lot of tweaking and cleanup work to do before the set can be published.

I also started preparing the SC food set for upload. It also needs a little more tweaking and cleanup work. But it’s getting there!

A package from Shapeways arrived today and it had in it the revised servo arm for the basher rocksta and… IT FITS LIKE A GLOVE! Turned out excellent and feels really solid. I think if the other servo arm breaks I now have a reliable replacement part. In case anyone else runs into the same problem as I, here is a link to the part.

The pack also contained the replacement foot for our IKEA lamplig coaster. That also turned out surprisingly well too. Here is a link to the part. I have to say it’s great being able to fix stuff yourself!

Figured out how to get around not being able to sculpt folds… make clothes skin tight! :smiley:


Once again I’m surprised how long the fixing up of a set like this takes. It’s nearly there though. Just need to make the metal, glass, roughness and glow textures and presentation and unity package. … I guess there goes tomorrow!


Finally the smashy craft food set with over 190 items is done and uploaded! Thank you to Alexanda Ira Andre for the amazing work on this. It’s a feast for the eyes :slight_smile:

Anunnaki choker


Today was an administrative sort of day with plenty of email writing… hope I can get back to modeling tomorrow.


It’s been a turbulent couple of days and it seems like those days are not quite over yet. However, I did manage to get a little more progress on the city set done.

Here are some feet …


So there was a small cabin fire on my international flight and we had to emergency land off route. Literally dropped off the radar there for a bit. Spent 4 days in airports but now I have internet again! Yay!

In the meantime, we actually broke the 40 k followers milestone on Sketchfab! Thank you so much to anyone supporting us there!! :slight_smile:

Also managed to do the color variants for the next building type of the city set


Another day, another set of building variants done…

I know, I know… enough with the buildings. I promise I’m nearly there! Not much more of this.


The city set is coming together…


I’m in the process of finishing up a couple more characters for Irrational Karate. We’re adding the bad cop and a prisoner as playable characters. Gave the cop some facial expressions and started on the convict character. Now I’m in a bit of a pickle because I’m not sure if I should post this in my work in progress thread or on the IK dev thread…


Some progress on the prisoner character. I know it’s a bit of a funny haircut but I want to see if we can pull off dynamic hair.


Some more progress on the prisoner character. He’s pretty much done now.


Just made a couple of hand poses for the IK characters. Not sure if they’ll make it into version 1 of the game but I think they will be useful to have for future characters either way. The idea is that you can swap them out depending on what pose you need rather than having rigged hands. Same as with the facial expressions.


Nearly forgot! I really should post every day. I published Bruce a few days back.

I also updated our barbarian girl and demon huntress with new metal pass textures so they work better as PBR models.

Also got the demo version of Substance Painted today and started a tutorial… want to get back into doing hand-painted models using the PBR workflow…


Learned more PBR stuff today and was reminded why I stayed away from normal maps all this time. Tried multiple approaches here is one of my experiments from today…


So cool chars, I love them. How do you play this game in mobile?


@juaxix thanks man! You are referring to Irrational Karate? I’m afraid that will be a browser based PC/MAC game for now. But you never know what the future holds. :slight_smile:


I have a prototype of a game using this girl with the crossbow hehe he still wip


No, balls vs zombies :zombie:‍♂️


Ah the demon huntress… Make sure you post it in the “what are you working on” section when you are ready to show it off.

Balls vs zombies? You can download it from the app store for IOS or from the google play store for android. It’s free. Or you can play it on Kongregate in your browser. It’s just a tiny little game really. We’re currently working on an upgrade system but have little time to devote to it.