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I forgot to post my work in progress from the last few days again. So here it is:
Added metal and roughness passes to the Voodoo Priestess and Blade Fan Dancer so they work better as PBR models also.


Experimented with a smashy craft version of rudy rooster and making some animations today… amongst many other things that I unfortunately can not post at this time.


I need this in my life, maybe some baby chicks to save, there’s your game. Love your art!


@Xrobot Haha thanks mate. That’s a great idea actually! I’ll make a couple of little yellow/orange chicky balls to save :slight_smile:


I wish I could post the stuff I built today but I think I won’t be allowed to for at least another year or so. In the mean time… Rudy is getting some company! :slight_smile:


I was very happy to receive the mail that the package had already been updated, thanks for taking my suggestion.


Yup! Here he is :slight_smile:


One more thing I’ve thought about is how I would love to see one of those tree packs, but with palm trees. I’ve bought all the other tree packs and always wondered about palm trees. Just another idea.


@Xrobot Yeah, I have been thinking about those as well but didn’t make one yet as I have already included palm trees in the desert temple set.
Still I could split them out into their own little set as not everyone may want to buy the whole temple set just to have a bunch of palm trees…


I have been working on a female character for IK amongst other things.


Thanks Matt, you are right they’re in the temple pack, I must have missed it. Though the tree sets, I think, offer a little more detail. Would be cool to see in the future.


Today Aleysha got a makeover. She’s now equipped with textures that work for PBR!


Anyone interested in a hand painted PBR Minecraft level building series? I experimented with building a base block and then sculpting & texturing it to see how far the sculpted model can differentiate from the base model without causing too much of a visual impact.


Here is a little progress on the SC Human RTS barracks.


And it’s live! The RTS human barracks set has been updated! I actually thought I was done yesterday but then realised that there were a lot of elements to update in the overall set. Now it’s done.


Published the pile of sandstone rocks today! You can now find them on the shop.


Yes, very much yes!

I’m making a voxel game with your textures already so this would be amazing!

Some images of the game where you can see bitgem assets :slight_smile:


Well… it’s another one of those days where I can’t show what I’ve been doing all day besides sweating…
One thing I can say though is that I’ve added some animations to the ghoul boss.

Animations that are still sorely needed are walk and run animations. Hopefully, we can add them soon.


Released a few more animations for the other ghouls…


After taking a swig of beer the other day I ended up with a wasp in my mouth. It was a bit of a nasty surprise for me but I also felt sorry for the wasp. This sparked an idea…

​Images above were taken from a printout from my ender 3.

This easy to clip on beer bottle cover protects your unattended cold beverage from wasps and other insects and wasps and other insects from drowning in your beverage! Apart from it being dangerous, who likes having a bee in their mouth? I have provided a download of the .obj and .gcode model file for all you 3d printer owners on my steam-it post (as I want to promote that platform). Print your own in the PLA material of your choice. Don’t delay, print your BBC today!

​The beer bottle cover - making cold beers safe again on mild summer evenings. :wink: