Matt's Work In Progress Blog


My Shapeways product prints of the bottle cap arrived today. They turned out quite well I think! :slight_smile: and they’re fun to use. Unfortunately Shapeways is still so expensive.


Aside from project work I finally managed to publish Lee today. Lee is a character in our upcoming game (Stay tuned for more) but for a small fee he can star in one of your games too ;).

Go kick some butt Lee!


Just a short WIP update today. Made a little progress on Kira. Like Lee, she is another character for a small game we are working on here at BitGem. Here is where I’m up to.

Went back to this model because the previous version didn’t quite work with the skirt where it was. Legs keep clipping through when she lifts them so had to move it up higher. She might not make it into the game cause of all the cloth joint problems. It remains to be seen.


Decided to test print Aleyhsas bust in small scale to see how the shape reads in real life on my creality ender 3 in draft mode.

The internal support structures are showing through a little which doesn’t help much with reading the surface so to be able to see what’s really going on I’ll have to sand down the surface and external support structure-leftovers and prime it. After that, on to some final adjustments and then perhaps a lifesize print? :slight_smile:


Finished a little low poly Minecraft style level building block today in Smashy Craft style.


Just putting my 2 cents in: I would love a steel one, maybe with a spike in the middle, which can function as a hazard.


Finished another little lowpoly SC toon level building block today.

@Xrobot That’s a great idea! I’ll do that one next


Started on the spiky metal cube today. There will be a few variants I think.


That’s amazing, these blocks are so useful.


And they’re done! Uploaded them today. Ended up making quite a few more variants than initially planned but they now come as spike that you can attach to any old block, a simple block with spike, a block with spikes al around and an animated spike trap. I currently have a lot to do with project work but this is something I will still be able to make progress on. So what’s next guys? :slight_smile:


Using Matt’s great models to proof of concept a smartphone game, rendered using 3ds max.


HA! Looks great! Did you smoothe them?


Thanks, yes I used OpenSubdiv with a CreaseSet and after that a Push modifier, to give some volume back to the mesh.


Just a note to let everyone know that the Ghoul characters have all been updated with a walk and run animation now!



A small update on the current work in progress. A sand block is in the works for the SC cube world set. It’s still early days. I’m thinking about also making a few surface cover rocks, a cactus and a sand cover that can be added to any old block.


Finally managed to finish the SC cube world sand block today. I ended up including a lot more than initially planned. Such as cacti, pebbles and palm trees.


This is great, thanks so much for including palm trees as well. Really awesome!


Managed to make a little progress on Kira today. Hopefully I can finish her tomorrow.


Added some flowers and vines and two more block options to the SC stone block1. Basically a solid chunk block in light and dark. What you see below are the 3 LOD levels of the new additions.


Managed to publish Kira as well today! YAY!