Matt's Work In Progress Blog


Awesome work, as always, very well modeled!


@Xrobot Hey that’s awesome!!! :smiley: How did… you do that?


Hi Matt, thank you, I used 3ds max and a Japanese cel shader called Pencil+ ( which is also responsible for a 1px aliased line render. However at this point the lines do have double pixels (diagonals) so I used a blending mode (soft light) to make it less obvious. I then used PixContour ( to render only the very outline of the character in Adobe After Effects.


Very cool. And I like the new outfit design! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it was not at all inspired by Morrigan :sweat_smile:


Made a little more progress today on the next cube world block. It’s a dirt block! Here is where I’m at so far.

Next is exporting and unity package preparation.


And the SC dirt block is live!


I added another Cube world block to our library today. This one is for decorating the skies!