Matt's Work In Progress Blog


Awesome work, as always, very well modeled!


@Xrobot Hey that’s awesome!!! :smiley: How did… you do that?


Hi Matt, thank you, I used 3ds max and a Japanese cel shader called Pencil+ ( which is also responsible for a 1px aliased line render. However at this point the lines do have double pixels (diagonals) so I used a blending mode (soft light) to make it less obvious. I then used PixContour ( to render only the very outline of the character in Adobe After Effects.


Very cool. And I like the new outfit design! :slight_smile:


Yeah, it was not at all inspired by Morrigan :sweat_smile:


Made a little more progress today on the next cube world block. It’s a dirt block! Here is where I’m at so far.

Next is exporting and unity package preparation.


And the SC dirt block is live!


I added another Cube world block to our library today. This one is for decorating the skies!


Diversity is our strength…

Made this little NPC character to play around with for anyone who wants to download it. (it’s free)


Police officer Hunter has joined the smashy craft series!


I added a new cube world level building block to the site today. Lava… :slight_smile:


Snon Jow is joining the ranks of the Smashy Craft army of heroes.