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Love the Ronin character, it just makes you want to create. Here are some renders I did.


Those poses look really cool! I’d love to have them for my preview images :smiley:


Managed to finish and upload Stonefist last night.


And we have a new cube for the cube world set! Wood.


Wood update and new cube: Ice!


Finished the SC pipe set. This one should make Mario feel right at home.


I wonder, with these pipes, if you could get away with it, without the mario vibe.


Oh and btw. the SC Gym set is complete! :smiley:


We have also recently added another cube to the PBR cube world set. It comes in 3 variants. Here it is:


There is also a new SC cube world metal cube…


… and Gortak the Red Ork (SC series) is also seeing the light of day… I really have to keep up with my posts better.


SC coin powerup!


This would be a great enemy for ronin if it had some japanese armor etc. kind of like this “for honor” character for-honor-factions-samurai-faction-2


@Xrobot Yeah, good point! Might have to go back and make an samurai version.