My games using bitgem assets: xixgames


Hey guys, I think it’s funny because I used a lot your assets since a long time ago and you never know!, so this is a list a games for you to know about that I made using your art. Because I love and always will love bitgem assets. :slight_smile:

Bomber Farm 3D

I bought all these characters to make a whole Bomberman game with a boss in a farm haha ,so crazy , it worked so good in flash and PSVita formats

Legend of Kuzu

For this game I made a morph script and a modification of the fire dragon converting it to an ice dragon (I made another for a sea dragon at the end of the game :smiley: -spoiler- )

Game prototypes and gamejams
Winter cow farm
ludum dare link

Thanks bitgem team! Your assets are so cool ,you always inspire me to do new things


@juaxix That’s some really cool stuff. I had no idea! Thank you so much for sharing and for your kind words. Reading a few nice words means a lot and seeing my models in action makes building the next ones all the more fun! :slight_smile:


One more!!!
!ludum dare 42