New 3D model ghoul crew


Hey Matt and others. I am new to this forum but i have been silently making a game which is top secret(shhhhhhhh) which uses some bitgem assets!

I noticed in another topic that you may be adding new 3d models using some stuff from gimaldinov, something to do with the ghoul crew. His art style is amazing and i love the zombie crew. Are there any plans going on to make new 3d models? Or if there are any plans about the ghoul crew? I see it is credited concept art for you matt :smiley:


+1 for Ghouls
+1 for new Dungeon Level set

I was about to ask the same thing just now.

What happened to the Ghouls and the new Dungeon Level Set?
Are they still happening?
It feels like the progress has slow down lately a lot.



Hey guys!
Yes they are still happening. At the moment we are working on a haunted mansion dungeon set but once that is through we’ll get to completing the other sets.


+1 for a robot set. I love the space invaders from years ago and your current little robot is great. Would love to see a set of robots using your current style and polish.