New female characters scale



I have some doubts about the scale in the new female characters .

In this post:

Btw. We Buy Models Too!

You can download the scale for the chibi characters, so I can create my own characters for the enemies and enviroments that I bought on bitgem, but what about the new female characters?, are they too tall for the dungeons? are they taller than chibi characters? They fit good in the old enviroment from bitgem (about size)?

Thank you!

ps: Sorry for my bad English =P


Hi Guille! Sorry for the late reply. The new female characters should fit in with the dungeon sets scale wise. Even if they are a little off you can always scale them. There might be some compatibility issues with the proportions because the dungeons are quite chunky and the new female characters are more on the realistic side proportion wise. Your English is just fine :slight_smile: