[New Release] Treasure Parkway


Hi Guys,

Treasure Parkway was a game I originally created for the Bitgem Game Jam #10 here. I’ve expanded quite a bit on the game and have released it on iOS and Android recently. The game is currently only available in the US and Canada so, unfortunately, some/most of you can’t download it at this time.

I’ve used a lot of Bitgem assets in this game and love them. I’ve used some assets from all of these packs:
City Set
Police Station
Loot Set
Karateka Bruce
Low Poly Generic Skeleton
Rooster Rudy
Cube World Cloud

I plan on adding more characters as more come out that fit the game.

A gameplay preview video: https://youtu.be/uuOcQNUckVI

A few screenshots:

The main game page is at: Treasure Parkway


Awesome work @jimrif, great to see games in the wild using our assets!

What shader are you using? as I was playing around with Toony Colors Pro 2 the other day and it works really well with the Smashy Craft series.


@jason Thanks! I’m mainly using the unlit version of Curved World - Classic Runner with some rim shading and I messed around some with the texture colors.