Purchase Pixel Heart


Where can I buy this BitGem pixel heart for use in my games?


Hey @LoneCoder!
I have just created a new item on the shop for you here. Happy coding! :wink:


Fantastic! You are the best!


Here’s how I’m using it in my new VR game that you can check out a little at http://legendstudio.com/the-legend-of-luca/


Oh cool! Like the old school look. Hearts look good on there too! :wink: Keep us posted!


Here’s the latest! You might be able to spot another BitGem asset or two!


@LoneCoder nice work, any plans to support the Rift as well? already have one on order and not sure I can cough up the $$$ for the Vive just yet :slightly_smiling:

Be sure to ping us when you launch as we’ll happily include your game in our newsletter for a bit of cross promo.


No Rift support at least until Touch launches later this fall.