Request for the modular rail system


Any chance we can get the base without anything on it? I want to make a Dungeon Express transportation for my Dungeon Crawler, but as it is first person VR the current version won’t do and I need to create something of my own. Having a fitting base would be awesome.

And one more request … it would be seriously cool to get a biped animation so I can have some skeletons riding them in the original version. That is something I would absolutely buy as a separate asset. :slight_smile:

In any way, regardless of if you find the time for the change, this set it plain gorgeous!!!


Hey @gterveen! Thanks for the kind words! Do you mean components like these:

Cause those are included already :slightly_smiling:

As for the biped animations… I’m afraid we can’t serve with those currently as we’re working with Maya.


total fail on the description end on my side! Sorry!

I was talking about the wagons

I just need the lower part to put my own stuff on top so I can use it as a first person transport. :slightly_smiling:


Ah! got it! XD

The “animateable” minecart versions basically come like this

So you should be able to switch out the bucket and the wheels as you need them.


I know I already bought it. But I would love to have a version where the piece in the center does not have the upper parts holding the bucket so I can put a slab of wood on it and build myself some VR compatible frame for the user to stand in when the train moves for peripheral view reference. I am too tired now, need to go to bed. But I will make a graphic what I mean :slight_smile:


You mean like this? link


yes that is great, I can perfectly build on that!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH :slightly_smiling: