[Unity-Store Skeleton Pack] Humanoid Rig


I purchased this one:


I’m not sure what I’m missing, but in the folder there’s no animation clips… I’m new to unity could you please tell me how it works?

I opened the demo but the skeletons are just standing there… No animation preview :expressionless:

Please help… Thanks!


the animation clips are in the model, so if you expand the view on the model you should see a list. I own only the shop version, but I expect the assetstore version is similar.


This is the folder view… Where is the animation list @_@


that is where I expected the animations to be. I have seen there is a Prefab folder on Unity and there are also Unity packages (one is called “Skeleton-Pack-Regular.unity”, the other "Skeleton-Pack.unity).

Maybe they contain the animation files?


Hi @Melimeli

As the Skeleton set is pretty old it uses one of Unity’s older animation setup. You can find the animation data in the folder for each model, look for file names with @ in a name, these files contain the animation data (see image below).

For more info on this method of animation check the Unity manual http://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/Splittinganimations.html section Importing Animations using multiple model files , hope this helps get you started.