Unnamed project


Hey guys,
I thought it would be fun to share a couple of images of the hobby project I’m currently working on.
It’s a hack and slash adventure game inspired by the xbox360 version of ‘Torchlight’.

It all started off as a game engine project, but it turned into a few different hobby games projects until I finally decided to make it into a hack and slash game.
This game uses all kinds of Bitgem art packages and it runs on my own game engine (called lazy engine)

(maybe not the best screenshots ever but they’ll have to do)


@lazy writing your own engine…I think you should change your forum handle :slight_smile:

Screenshots look amazing, you should share some videos as well as would love to see it in motion.


Looking really good,and a video would be cool to see, as Jason said. :slight_smile:

C++? Which graphics APIs / platforms are you looking to support? I know that even putting together a Windows-only engine with support for OpenGL and DirectX 9/11 support took me long enough to put together a few years back. Best of luck with what is a pretty huge task! Not that it looks like you need any luck. :wink:


Thanks :slight_smile: I sure will need luck. Luck to have time to finish it :slight_smile: (or at least make a complete playable demo. And to get more help with sound, music and more art.)

The engine and game is written in C++ for Windows only. I use Direct3D 11 and 10.
I also use Havok physics (32bit free version) and Fmod studio

The world / game editor interface is written in C# but it runs the game in the 3D view so it is possible to edit and test it right away.

Here’s a sample video of a few of the features I’ve been working on.


Thanks for all the extra info - it sounds very promising - and, from the video, it looks like it is progressing very nicely. Looking forward to seeing where you take this from here! :slight_smile: