When is the next Jam?


I know that I am not the only one that wants to know this.

Just want to know so I can make some extra space on the agenda. Next one I am not gonna miss it :smiley:


lol ok I might be the only one

BTW the bundles look nice, hope they are still up till pay day


You’re not the only one. I’m interested in knowing as well. And I’m assuming it’ll be soon, seeing how there are a lot of free assets, which occurred before the last game jam.


Just got back from Holiday, all batteries charged! Looking forward to the next Jam as well :wink:


We are on it, won’t be much longer! :wink:


Great news :smiley:

Looking forward to it!


Next week we’ll kick off the next Jam, we’re going to try and get more devs involved this time as well so if you have any good channels to help us get more people involved let us know.


Great news, once the Jam info is up, I’ll share it across Unity LinkedIn channels I’m on as well as Twitter.


Nice! I will share it on FB spanish groups :smile:


you should use reddit with http://www.reddit.com/r/Unity3D/ or http://www.reddit.com/r/IndieGaming/


pew pew, time to get your game dev boots on August 2014 Game Jam - Barnyard Blaster


You made my day Jason! :smiley:


Sweet! Thanks for sharing link!


I am in to do this challenge and will try out Unity for the first time.
The only big reason I want to use unity is because it can publish to the web. If not for that I would have used jMonkeyEngine.


Any idea when the next game jam is?


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